Let’s meet our team of traveling monster hunters!

Rearview Terror Cast
From left to right: Doc, Gregory, Lucca, Tiger, and Toby

Leon “Doc” Murdoc

Played by: Ian
Playbook: The Outcast, a homebrew Spooky variant
Doc lived a hard life as a vagrant before becoming the team’s vermin whisperer.

Gregory Gutta

Played by: Carl
Playbook: The Divine
Gregory’s origins are a mystery, even to himself. But this superpowered hippie has made himself useful as the team’s muscle and designated driver.

Lucca Bellevue

Played by: Kevin
Playbook: The Hex
Lucca is a punk wizard, learning the secrets of his magic coin through trial and error. But mostly error.

John “Tiger” Smith

Played by: Casey
Playbook: The Flake
Sometimes described as “Alex Jones mixed with Batman.” Tiger is a radio tinkerer, gun enthusiast, and all-around wildcard.

Toby Miller

Played by: Dan
Playbook: The Searcher
Toby is a pious boy scout with a heart of gold. He was pulled into the world of the paranormal after his friend was possessed by a demon.

The Keeper

Played by: Bobby
The Keeper sets the scenes and plays any side characters (including the monsters).

Follow their travels on this handy map.

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